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Trust in the light side of the Force….

About this Event

Fear is one of the greatest problems in life. Almost everyone is scared of something. Fears are normal, and having them is part of being human. However, a mind that is caught in fear lives in confusion, in conflict, and therefore has a tendancy to be violent, distorted and aggressive. It dare not move away from its own patterns of thinking. “Fear is a path that leads to the darkside.“- Yoda

This isn’t meant to frighten you. It’s meant to wake you up, give you hope and inspire you to embark upon the journey of transformation from fear to freedom.

As a Jedi it’s not so much about curing fear, but allowing the Force to flow and letting fear cure you. When you develop the right relationship with fear and uncertainty, fear can be the finger pointing toward everything in need of healing in your life.

In this Kundalini Jedi Warrior workshop we will use powerful kundalini mediations and kriyas to work with fear and transform the dark into confidence, courage and trust in the light side of the Force.

Jag Kaley is the owner and founder of the London Kundalini Centre, a kundalini emergency and spiritual crisis centre offering guidance and support for people experiencing kundalini awakenings.

Jag experienced a kundalini awakening in 2003, which changed his life journey forever. Leaving the life he knew behind to follow the call of his soul. Travelling to North America he discovered kundalini yoga and completed his kundalini teacher training in the summer of 2006.

Jag the is creator of the Star Wars Kundalini Jedi Warrior Training Academy helping people connect to the power of the Force within them so they may fulfill their potentials and to help humanity bring in the Age of Aquarius.

He works as a Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapist offering talk therapies and spiritual counseling to those on a spiritual journey of self discovery and transformation.

Jag serves as Director for the Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival and Fundraising Manager for the Guru Ram Das project UK.